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Have you heard the ancient story of living sea monsters in deep waters?! What YOU would do, if you see them in the sea, coming to your land?! Have you heard “Winter is Coming?! Or “The Wall is Falling?!” NOW, it’s the Time! The Fish Zombies & Monsters have come! Take the never-seen fantasy weapons, upgrade them for ultimate power, and defend against Sea Zombies & Sea Monsters that are approaching YOU’RE LANDs in Battlefish! 

Battlefish is a strategic game in the genre of tower defense games (or TD Games) that you will use modern and cute fantasy weapons to defend against army of deadly yet attractive sea creatures. You will enter into the story of hidden mysteries and become the brave hero who defended the humanity from extinction. The army of fish zombies and sea monsters have occupied the “4 realms”. Your goal is to free each realm, and defeat all sea zombies and sea monsters including the last one, the Fish Giants in Boss Fights, which are the most powerful of them all.

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